What Is iTind™?

iTind™ is a minimally invasive and clinically proventreatment that provides rapid and effective relief from BPH symptoms.

The Procedure

The treatment involves the implantation of a smalldevice into the prostate for 5-7 days, after which

it is completely removed. Once the iTind™ has beenimplanted, it expands and applies gentle pressure,

remodelling the tissue and creating a wider channelthrough which urine can flow.

The iTind™ procedure is an ideal alternative toprescription medication or invasive surgery. Youshould consider iTind™ if you do not want to takea pill every day, or if you have tried standard drugtreatments and were unsatisfied with the level ofsymptomatic relief or the side effects.

Why iTind™ — How Will It Help Me?

The procedure can be performed under light sedationor a local anaesthetic, typically takes less than 30minutes, and does not involve the heating or removalof prostate tissue.

iTind™ aims to deliver not only effective symptomaticrelief but also peace of mind.

The benefits of iTind™:

  • Rapid and effective symptom relief.
  • Durable results.
  • Rapid return to daily life.
  • No requirement for general anaesthesia.
  • Routinely catheter free procedure.
  • No permanent implant resulting from the procedure.
  • Preserves sexual and ejaculatory function.
  • Preserves urinary continence.
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