Why to Consult Privately

In recent years due to various factors NHS is under considerable strain and patients wait longer for their appointments. A ‘stich in time saves nine’. Delays in diagnosis and treatment can be detrimental in certain conditions especially cancer or in suspected cancer diagnosis. Most people contemplate private consultation but never take up for variety of reasons. Private practices also have good clinical governance system maintaining standards including access to multidisciplinary team (MDT) meetings in NHS.

What are the advantages of going private?

  • There is no delay to seek initial consultation which is usually within a week. NHS wait times in Wales could be weeks or if not months.
  • You can choose the consultant of your choice.
  • You get to be seen by a Consultant ALL THE TIME.
  • An initial consultation is up to 30 min. This gives plenty of time to discuss problems in detail unlike in NHS where time allotted for each patient is 10-15 minutes.
  • You get your treatment by a Consultant without any delay, unlike in NHS.
  • The cost of private medical care, for those without insurance and are self-paying, is not unaffordable as most people think.
  • Even if it is the case, once you have your initial consultation and treatment plans are made, further care can be transferred to NHS. (refer to fees & payments section)

How to arrange Private Consultation with Mr. G V Kanda Swamy

Always discuss with your GP regarding the need to see a specialist for your problems. They are your best guide to advice which speciality & specialist you need to see.

Always get a referral letter from GP. Even though it is not mandatory, it is the best way to have details of all your problems at the time of consultation, as the NHS records are not available in private.

If you are seeking consultation without any GP referral, please make sure you can explain all your medical problems from the past and have the list of your medications.

If you have insurance, contact your provider once you have consulted your GP. Provide membership & approval number to see Mr. Kanda Swamy at the time of booking appointment.