Partial Cystectomy

Cystectomy is the surgical removal of the bladder, and a standard procedure to treat invasive bladder cancer. A partial cystectomy is a surgery performed to remove only a portion of the bladder, while the rest of the bladder functions normally. It is indicated when bladder cancer is superficial or has minimally invaded the muscle layer.

Robotic Partial Cystectomy

Robotic technology has made it possible to perform procedures such as partial cystectomy with more precision. The procedure is carried out through a series of button-sized incisions through which a telescope and minute surgical instruments are inserted. The surgery is performed with robotic arms, which your doctor operates from a computer system with the help of a 3D imaging system. The robotic arms are highly precise and manoeuvrable, allowing your doctor to perform the operation with ease and accuracy.

Robotic partial cystectomy is faster and more accurate than traditional surgery and is associated with less pain and a quicker recovery. Precision is important in partial cystectomy to ensure complete removal of the tumour and minimal damage to surrounding tissue. Damage to surrounding nerves can result in loss of bladder control and erectile dysfunction.